Propelling BMX into the 21st century

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Turbo Spezial
Electric BMX
Turbo Spezial is an electric bike project that intends to propel BMX into the 21st century. Our brief was to find a product design and brand positioning that places Turbo Spezial right into the phase where bonanza bikes became modern BMX, a time where kids and young adults projected their Motocross dreams on bonanza bikes that then became BMX. A very fitting brief for the present time of urban lifestyle where for the first time BMX become electrified and rideable for adults due to larger wheels and frame sizes.
start of the Project

venture brandbuilding

building a holistic 360° urban brand

Modern BMX turned fashion pieces. All large labels, from Louis Vuitton to Dior to Supreme sport their relative BMX designs. Media and Entertainment, especially the RAP scene chose BMX as a must have product. Reason enough to position Turbo Spezial into a very modern, fashion inspired, urban lifestyle market environment. Turbo Spezial is a holistic 360° brand, that inspires people to conquer the city.

Product Design

building one of the nicest bikes on earth  :)

The form language of Turbo Spezial highlights some of the key elements of early BMX, right in the transition phase from bonanza bikes to BMX, without being retro or nostalgic. The bike sports a modern, transparent design. Transparent in terms of Tech, such as a powerful electric motor, which is not hidden, but fittingly incorporated.

Business Strategy

finding formats to really gets the brand in touch with users

We created a full set of marketing, sales and organizational strategies that haven’t to date be used within the bike industry. The full set will be deployed at product launch.

Visual Identity

showing the true creative spirit of the BMX movement

The look and feel complements the chosen product design philosophy. A strong, polarizing urban lifestyle brand is in dire need of a strong visual identity, that leaves enough canvas, enough room for further adjustments and inputs. As this brand is quite community based our strategy is to welcome external content which helps customers to identify as well as shows the true creative spirit of the BMX movement.

Communication Strategy

creating a strategy for community interaction

Turbo Spezial will be placed on every relevant channel that promises solid community interaction. Further than that, we created some appropriate formats that help communicate the Turbo Spezial spirit.