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LED Growlight
As a status quo, the current form of industrial farming is not sustainable. Modern urban farmers are the backbone of a strong movement, that uses urban space in a sustainable fashion. techSun helps these farmers to master this challenge and enhance their performance. They produce a very special product for very special people, the technical sun.
start of the Project

venture brandbuilding

building a disruptive company

techSun is 360° venture brandbuilding project. That means, that we are responsible for the whole business building process. In co-creation with our partners we were accountable for all three major aspects of business: Product, Strategy and Visual Identity.

product design

creating the next level sustainable grow light

Together with our engineers & product designers we created one of the most performant LED grow lights on the market. That said, it’s also one of the thinnest. The slim design allows for heat control, a problem that is regularly solved with active cooling. techSun uses full spectrum LEDs that support the full plant growth cycle. The product we created is 98% recyclable, it’s therefore a truly sustainable solution.

Prototyping & Fabrication

creation with automated manufacturing in mind

We created the product in such a fashion, that we’re able to use materials and standardized parts, that are already in use elsewhere. This guarantees for fast manufacturing with little problem potential. All other parts where created with automated manufacturing in mind.

Business Strategy

building an organizational framework for a bootstrapping company

We created a full set of marketing, sales and organizational strategies. These strategies were identified within our proprietary brandbuilding workshops. That said we built an organizational framework that allows for minimum capital expenditure. techSun will be found at select retailers soon. The full set will be deployed at product launch.

Visual Identity

building a trusted company in a disruptive market

techSun is a brand that needs to build trust with innovative people that want to shape the future of urban farming. techSun is a zero bullshit brand that transports technical know-how and the spirit that comes with the territory.

Communication Strategy

do good and talk about it

techSun will be placed on every relevant channel that promises a good dialogue to our core clientele- the hardcore growers and the large vertical farming companies.