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Modular urban furniture design

Digital Prototyping
Product Design
Neuste Frankfurter Bank
Neuste Frankfurter Bank is a project, that resulted from a discussion with the museum curator Matthias Wagner K. of MUSEUMANGEWANDTEKUNST Frankfurt (museum of applied arts Frankfurt). We were originally tasked with the digitalization and reproduction of the iconic bench originally designed by Ferdinand Kramer. This original design was perfectly fitting for the production methods of the 1930’s. We reconstructed the original bench but were also asked to design a concept and prototype, an evolution so to say which benefited today’s production methods.
start of the Project

Product design

switching manual labor for machine work

Against the background of modern fabrication standards and production methods we created a concept that implies much more machine work and far less manual labor than the original design of Ferdinand Kramer. Additionally, we wanted to pay heed to the more communicative nature of people, so we designed the bench modular so it can be arranged to enhance communication within urban spaces.


designing for easy assembly

The bench was designed to utilize the benefit of high tech fabrication. Therefore, the bench is mostly CNC milled and joints are used for easy assembly.