Conception, Fabrication & Projection mapping

Light art exhibit for Luminale Frankfurt

Product Design
Graphic Design
Projection Mapping
Wiesenhüttenplatz EV.

Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Nordisk Büro

luminale light art object
We were delighted about the possibility to preview a light art exhibit that we designed quite some time ago at Luminale Frankfurt.
start of the Project

Product Design

creating a durable but iconic design

Our task was to create a large art light exhibit that will be displayed in public space. Therefore, the exhibit had to be rigid and durable but still we wanted it to look not too massive and space consuming. The result is a homage to the intercultural spirit of our hometown, the city of Frankfurt. Thanks to the support of our partners at Nordisk Büro we were able to use their iconic Frankfurt signage.


building a preview model

As the Luminale Light Exhibit is for temporary use only and it’s actually a preview model, of the actual piece which will be revealed later in 2020. The Luminale piece is from CNC milled wood sheets. We also developed a custom made durable LED light bar that works in conjunction with projection mapping.

Conceptual Design

turning a burdened public space into a sign of multiculturalism

The exhibit will be placed at the location for a reason. Wiesenhüttenplatz, Frankfurt is a public space that has had crime related problems for quite some time. We were tasked to develop a light art exhibit, that fulfills two functions, first, illuminate the small park to prevent crime and secondly to transport the multicultural spirit of the city of Frankfurt and especially the Bahnhofsviertel neighbourhood.

Projection Mapping

supplementing a strong message

We developed a projection mapping scenario that complements the structural design and supplements the expression of the message our customers and us wanted to be seen.